A Few Days Left to Give Part Time Vegan for Christmas!

We’ve been blown away by everyone’s generous support for this project in the past few weeks. And we’ve started seeing a few tote bags out in the wild. If you’ve gotten yours, be sure to share it on Instagram with #parttimevegan.

The holidays are almost here! That means it’s time to get those gift orders in. The last day to place orders for Christmas arrival is this Friday, December 11th. We’ll continue to ship throughout the month but make no guarantees on USPS arrival time.

Stay tuned for January when we’ll have some special part time vegan resolutions.

Things we like…


  • Salud! Bitters: Beautifully designed small-batch bitters, handmade in Austin using local Texas herbs and fruits. I brought a bunch back from my recent trip, and it killed me to give so many of them away as gifts. We have the fragrant Floral flavor and I can’t stop putting it in my seltzer. Good thing they’re now shipping!
  • I survive winter on a version of the classic Italian ‘greens and beans’ with kale and cannellini beans, but I’d never thought to blanch the greens and reserve the water, the way this Bon Appétit non-recipe suggests. Tried it and I can safely say I’m never going back to the old way. (Oh yeah, and, it’s vegan!)
  • The Man in the High Castle: If you’ve talked to me since Thanksgiving, I’ve probably recommended you watch this excellent new Amazon show based on a Philip K. Dick novel about an alternate history where the Axis powers won World War II. I binge-watched it in two days and now need someone I know to finish it so we can talk.


  • Crossroads: Extraordinary Recipes from the Restaurant That is Reinventing Vegan Cuisine by Tal Ronnen: I spend a good portion of my workday editing articles about cookbooks, but it still takes a lot to make me actually add one to my library. There are some challenging recipes in this title, to be sure, but the majority are completely accessible—a rarity with vegan cookbooks.
  • Flax & Twine’s Blanket Kit: I’m a knitter and have been dying to make a chunky blanket perfect for cozying up on the couch. This kit from Flax & Twine just might be my January project.
  • “A Very Murray Christmas” on Netflix: We watched this last weekend, and I would be happy to watch it again this weekend. Bill Murray is delightful and the guest stars are fantastic. I think this is a new holiday tradition.

Yours in mostly meat-free living,
Kate & Kristin

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